Thursday, September 8, 2011



1. They are so talkative. I am constantly hearing new words and the talking starts as soon as they wake up. This morning, when I turned off their sound machine, Josh rolled over and said "peach" and Emma said "toast" Guess they are already getting in their breakfast demands!


1. She likes to pretend to count. If I say "one," she will say "two" and if I say "two," she will say "tee" But if I ask her how old she will be in December, she gives me a blank stare. We still have a few months to work on that one!


1. I guess he was jealous of Emma's baby because now he has his own arsenal of babies. I need to get a picture to better illustrate it but he has 3 babies that he sleeps with and carries from room to room. One is Dan's old Cabbage Patch doll (I guess his name was Jeffrey but we call him Mikey. Josh calls him "key") The second doll is one that my parent's bought for Emma. The third is a small plastic doll that the neighbor girls gave to him.