Thursday, September 15, 2011


Man, I almost didn't get my post in today. I've spent the past two nights preparing for my Twin Mom Club's clothing and toy resale. I am starting to think its not worth it, its taken up so much of my time! Oh well, at least I am done and its all cleared out of my house and stowed into the van.


1. They are talking up a storm and love to repeat words 3 or 4 times when they say them. "Josh, what are you drinking" "Milk, milk, milk, milk"

2. They like TV. I know, I know, I never thought I'd let them watch it but they dance to the songs, do the actions or moves of the characters and point out things that are going on so I am pretending its a learning opportunity. Their newest favorite is "Little Einsteins" on Disney.


1. After much practice, she finally learned to hop. Like both feet, totally off the ground. Its so precious and she looks proud of herself when she does it.


1. He is obsessed with trucks and on the drive home (which is barely 5 minutes) from Dan's parents' house, he points out every truck he can find. He says "Mail" and "Bage" (for garbage) and then a lot of them are just "Dirt" trucks.


Stephanie said...

LOL @ the TV thing. I used to also think that I would never let my kids watch much TV. But Caroline & jack have shows that they LOVE. I tell myself it is teaching them good things too..and really, I think it is! Shapes, colors, sequencing, patterns, spanish (thank you Dora!), empathy, many good lessons! :)