Thursday, September 22, 2011



1. She does this thing that we call "So Scared." If you ask her to do it, she will clench her fists by her face and then tighten her face and shake a little. She looks like she is scared! I don't know where she learned it but its so hysterical when she does it.


1. He loves to say "no" to just about anything you ask him. And he is relentless with it. I asked him about 50 things the other night and he just kept saying "no, no and more no"


1. They love when we do "dot, dot, line, line" on their backs and now they do it to one another. They can say "dot, dot, line, line" and then normally they will blow for the "cool breeze" part.

Love these kids more and more everyday- they are so precious!