Thursday, September 29, 2011


Its been a fun week at our house. Emma and Josh are so expressive and constantly chattering about what they are doing, its so cute.


1. We were sitting on the bed and he almost fell off so I said "oops!" as I pulled him back on. He thought that was about the funniest thing ever and through his hysterical giggles, kept saying "oops, oops"


1. When I go into their room in the morning, she immediately stands and says "up" until I pick her up. She then puts her head on my shoulder and holds onto me so tight, its such a nice feeling. Oh and she also tries to burp me by patting my back and saying "burp" So funny!


1. They are starting to recognize a few letters. Emma can find "E" and Josh can find "O" and he can also find "S"

2. Their new favorite activity at night is running up and down the hall while screaming "run" They also love if Dan or I join in and run with them.