Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking Out 282/365

Last night, we put Josh and Emma to bed around their usual 7:oo pm bedtime. Around 7:45, I was on the computer and I heard some laughing. And then a thump. And then footsteps. And then the door knob turning! Yep, Josh had jumped out of his crib.

Re-enactment of him jumping out, for photo purposes

In his "new"bed. The front rail of the crib comes off so for now, we will use this

All cuddled up with Mikey

How I found him this morning!

Of course, once we got Josh into his bed, we heard another thump and Emma jumped out! By this time, it was late and we were all tired so Dan removed her front rail. The problem? Emma was not having it. She pitched such a fit that we let her sleep with us. We've already started telling her that tonight, she sleeps in her new bed. We'll see how it goes...


Krisy said...

oh man, i am dreading this day! Hope all goes well with bedtime tonight, please update on how it goes!