Monday, October 10, 2011

Breaking Out Update

We have come up with a solution to Josh and Emma breaking out of their cribs. Its most likely temporary but really, temporary is all we need right now.

What we did was completely remove the spring portion of the crib. We then placed the spring portion on the floor, using the brackets that hold the spring portion as legs. I then put two storage boxes under the spring portion and put the mattress directly on top. It lowered the mattress by 6 inches, which in toddler measurement, is just low enough to keep them in the crib. For now.

Emma's crib. You can see how the mattress is still sitting on the springs but I had to put a box under it for more support

Josh's crib. Definitely lower than before.

Oh, and Emma. Not happy that I am taking pictures when she just woke up!

My goal is to keep them in those stinkin' cribs until we move to a new house. We have every intent to move within the next 6-9 months. At that time, they can have their own room and new "big kid" furniture but for now, I am hoping this works.

We put them to bed 20 minutes ago and although I hear their usual chatter, I don't hear any thuds, bumps or feet walking on the floor. Let's hope this works!


Valerie said...

"Crossing my fingers for you" You should take a picture of it so we can see what it looks like. It may be something that can help us all. Especially those not willing to cave to toddler beds quite yet. :)

Mary said...

Good luck, I really hope it works!

The Lane Family said...

Good Luck....Aidan and Avery were never climbers and NEVER tried to get out...Kaylee on the other hand only had one goal in mind and that was...t get out... GOOD idea. You can also get crib tents which can help.