Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hair 280/365

Emma's hair has gotten so long that I have been trying to put it in clips to keep it out of her face. She won't keep the clips in long but she looks so pretty when she has them in.

She also still has curls in the back, so precious.

And then there is Josh. Poor boy is rocking, well, a mullet. His front is so, so short. His side hair is still growing in. But the back is long. Oh and the top is also kind of spikey since its still growing in. Let's all hope his hair fills in better soon!


The Lane Family said...

Miss Emma is so cute with her hair!!! If you want to find gentle and soft rubber bands for their hair look at babies R Us or Wal-mart in the baby section they do not pull hair and they work great and come in really fun colors!!

Mr. Josh does not even seemed bothered by the hair do he is rocking and it is cute :)