Thursday, October 6, 2011


Good week here but, as usual, I am exhausted by the time Thursday comes around. One more day, one more day...


1. I've mentioned that both kids love Little Einsteins on Disney. Josh must really like it because he can name all the characters. When I ask him "Who is your favorite Einstein" he always answers "Rocket" (who Im not sure is actually an Einstein but anyways...) and then normally follows it with "Kincy" for Quincy and then the other three characters.


1. She is obsessed with "peek a boo" and tries to play it all the time. She tries to hide under blankets, behind the TV, on the other side of the treadmill and then waits for me to say "Where's Emma? I wonder where she went? I don't see her" and then she runs out and screams "Boo!"