Thursday, October 13, 2011



1. Like Josh, she says "no" to a lot of things that I ask her but her "no" is so much more forceful. "NO" and "Nope" are more common responses when she doesn't want to do something.


1. His obsession with trucks and cars continue and he has started calling them by the specific type of truck. His favorite are "mail truck" "dump truck" and "police car"


1. They love to point to everything and name it. Their "name game" normally goes like this: "Mama, Dad, Josh, Emma, Mama, Light, Couch, Mama" So precious

2. They are both getting really good at using utensils. I have started giving them the small soup spoons and salad forks and they can pick up just about anything and eat it.

3. When they really, really want something, they had a "y" to the end of its name. The most common are "milllkkk-y" and "boookk-y" It sounds so whiny and so funny.


The Lane Family said...

They look so GROWN_UP!!!! It makes me smile and laugh about the NO and NOPE it all sounds so very, very familiar!!!!

I love the last part about adding "y" to everything especially if they want something!!