Thursday, October 27, 2011



1. She loves to eat. She will finish her meal and then try to move onto mine. She also makes me nervous because she shoves so much food into her mouth. I counted 15 yogurt melts and put them on her tray. I turned for a second and looked back- she had put every single on in her little mouth!


1. He loves when I blow on his belly even though he wiggles away. But the second he is away from me, he kind of scoots back and says "Josh. Belly. Blow" So I do it again and he goes crazy, moves away and then comes back. So precious!


1. They can repeat the entire alphabet, I can't believe it! They say the letters so clearly, too. When it come to "W" though they say "Double Ewww" Cute, cute.

2. They have started saying two words together and the ones I hear the most often are "more milk" and "sit down"

3. When I read "Goodnight Moon" they both fight to point out the mouse, which shows up on most of the pages. They can find him in about two seconds. And if I ask "How big is the mouse" they both say "tiny" because I always told them to look for the "tiny mouse"


The Lane Family said...

Wow!! They are growing up!! Smart kids.