Thursday, November 3, 2011


It always amazes me how much Josh and Emma change in one week. We had a fun week with Halloween plus the weather here has been beautiful so they kids are able to go out a lot during the day, which they love.


1. He has such a good memory. We have a small table in our bedroom and about two months ago, Emma tried to climb up on it and slipped off. She cried but didn't get hurt. Whenever Josh sees it, he goes up to it and says "Emma, Fall, Hurt." I don't know how he remembers it!


1. She loved the candy from Halloween, even though I only gave her a handful of M&M's. She keeps asking me for more and yesterday, she got sight of a small fabric ball on the floor and ran up to it yelling "candy" When she picked it up and realized it wasn't candy, she looked at me and gave me a sad face, so funny!