Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dan's parents are in Hawaii for 3 weeks so Dan is home this week with Emma and Josh. Next week is my turn! He has done a great job with them so far although I am pretty sure they've been in their pajamas all week!


1. When you read to him or he watches TV, he laughs when things are funny. I don't know why I find this so cute but I think its because it makes me realize he is getting to be such a big boy- he gets when things are amusing! And his laugh/smile? Its the best!


1. She is starting to say a lot more of two words together. My favorite? Emma Groves. Its what she says now when you ask her name. Just about the cutest thing I've heard.

Im not too into blogging since my camera is gone. My work camera takes horrible pictures so I am hoping my Canon is back soon so I can get back into the swing. I will probably take about a hundred pictures to make up for these couple weeks.

Almost Friday!


The Lane Family said...

I love how they are picking up and learning new things. Emma saying her name is so funny!!

I also love how Josh is noticing what is funny on t.v.

My husband and I often say that we love to sit down and watch our kids they are amazing to watch grow and change!!