Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am home all this week with Emma and Josh so we've been able to spend a lot of time together. They are constantly surprising me with the things they know or are able to pick up. Also, today they are 23 months old and its hard for me to comprehend that in one month, they will be TWO!


1. When he can't find something, he puts his hands up like how you would when you are saying "I don't know" but he says "gone"

2. He has progressed from saying "no" to "nope" He says "nope" a lot.

3. When I am taking him to time out, he starts trying to desperately hug and kiss me to get out of it. He also yells "hug" and "kiss" like maybe that will stop be from putting him in the pack n play!


1. When you ask her where my parents were last week, she says "boat" (they were on a cruise.) When you ask her where Dan's parents are, she says "Ah-why-e" for Hawaii.

2. She likes to pass gas and then tell you about it by saying "fart" Um yeah, that is embarrassing!

3. She knows how to cuddle up to you if she wants something, especially food. If you have food and she wants it, she will put her little head on your shoulder and pat your back until you give her some.


Brad & Rachel said...

Haha, I know your pain with the gas scenario. Ella will tell you "I tooted" or "Ella tooted" and lord forbid Mommy or Daddy does it, she gets this big smile on her face before screaming "Mommy Tooted" or "Daddy Tooted" before breaking in to giggles followed shortly by an "Ella tooted too!" Ah, children. =)