Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday 349-351/365

I have over 200 pictures from Emma and Josh's birthday so its hard to go through and select a small amount to post.

We had such a nice, nice birthday. We did an Elmo theme, so I hung up some decorations and we had Elmo balloons, napkins, tablecloths and cups. The party was small, with only our immediate family there and it was at 2 so I made two appetizers I found on Pinterest (bacon wrapped chicken bites and spinach/artichoke puff pasty wheels)

Emma and Josh were very excited about the decorations and loved chasing around the balloons that we blew up. (Of course, they eventually started biting holes into them so those were removed from the party)

The completely understood the concept of presents. They tore into them and were excited to see what was inside. Their first present was a Rock with Me Elmo from my parents. Emma took one look and screamed "Elmo" and Josh said "Oh boy!" Emma also got baby dolls (she loves the one that plays Peek a Boo) and a My Little Pony baby (that you can feed. Her and Josh both love to feed it!) Josh got a Little Tikes Grill (so he can be just like grandpa!) and a Ball pit/tunnel (he and Emma spent two hours in it yesterday) They also got a lot of other stuff including clothes, a play vacuum, Leap Frog items, puzzle, books, Cookie Monster, games and Mr Potato Head. We are so fortunate to have a generous family.

Emma and Josh also loved the cake and were able to blow out the candles. I don't think I will ever forget the look on Josh's face when we started singing, he looked so happy. Emma was too busy blowing to look happy, she started blowing right away!

It amazes me that another year has passed. Its a reminder to me to enjoy every moment, even when things are difficult, because it will just continue to go faster!

The cake

Josh with the presents

Emma learning how to blow her party favor

Josh, Dan and my grandpa

Emma, hiding the the Elmo balloon

Josh and my sister

Emma with her balloon (she kept saying "blue one")

Josh with his balloon

Emma rolling on her balloon

Josh sitting on his

Probably right before they started biting the balloons

Emma helping Josh with his party hat

Josh refusing to wear his hat

Emma wearing her hat for all of one minute

Emma and me (Im a good girl and wore my hat)

Opening presents

Playing with Elmo

Checking out presents

Josh, Dan and the vacuum

My dad, Emma and Cookie Monster

Cake (notice Emma blowing and Josh's cute face)

Emma eating cake

And Josh!


Laney said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to E & J! I can't get over how fast they have grown. Great Pictures :)