Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 358 and 359/365

I took a couple days off from posting pictures since things were busy and crazy with Christmas. I have a bunch of pictures from Christmas Eve so I will post those first. We had a nice time having everyone over although my grandparents weren't there. My grandma got sick the night before Christmas Eve and is still in the hospital. We expect her home any day now but please keep her in your prayers.

Emma and Josh in their Christmas pajamas

Josh and my dad

Emma eating one of her many plates of food

Josh sliding down my dad's legs

Emma and my parents

Josh with my sister
Emma singing into her Elf microphone

Josh checking out some pictures with Dan's brother and dad and my dad


The Lane Family said...

I will keep you Grandmother in our prayers and I hope she gets better.

It was so fun to see Josh and Emma. They are so cute and I can tell that they enjoyed Christmas. They have such cute Pj's!!