Saturday, December 17, 2011

Emma Sophia

In the past year, Emma has turned into such a cuddly and sweet little girl. She has golden blond hair that still has curls in the back. Her favorite things to do are hold Baby Lucy and suck her thumb. Oh and eat! She loves to eat. She easily eats more than Josh and sometimes, I think she might eat more than me.

Emma is very loving. She likes to give kisses and she likes to take care of her dolls. She is very determined and will try to find a way to do something, even if you tell her "No!" She is also very independent and wants to do things for herself.

At 2 years old:

- Wearing Size 4 diapers but we are going to try Size 5 soon
- Wears 24 months and some 2T
- Loves to eat basically anything, she even tried a banana pepper the other night (and loved it!) Her favorite things are bananas, waffles and cookies
- Sucks her thumb, mostly when she is tired
- Can say 4 syllables together (Like "Birthday Party") and can count to 4

12 months

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