Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New additions 339/365

Emma has always had one baby (that she recently started calling "Baby Lucy") but all of a sudden, she wants to bring a total of 5 things out of her crib and she calls them by name. So without further adieu, please meet (from left to right)

Hula (AKA Huley the doll from Hawaii with the yellow hair)
Eddie the pink seahorse
Bunny the blanket
Molly the dolly
and of course, Baby Lucy

Try waiting for a certain two year old to get out all THOSE names in the morning before she will get out of the crib!


Krisy said...

I only have to deal with 3 things with Lauren, Bottle(who is her pink bear), ducky and giraffey. I have to kiss them each goodnight and good morning and I must also kiss her blanket goodnight. These girls are crazy!