Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Fail 336/365

We took Emma and Josh to see Santa and again, they did not like him one bit. We took them to the same place as we went last year and they actually had the same Santa. He claims to remember Emma and Josh from last year and maybe he does since they looked like this:

Anyways, here they are on the way to see Santa:

We couldn't get them to go up together since I had to carry them both. Emma went first and she sat for a second (I think because Santa promised her a candy cane...)

But after a second, she freaked out!

Josh was upset from the time he sat down until the time he tried to climb out of Santa's lap (which was like 2 seconds!)


Leslie said...

I think every parent has a picture like this. We have a guy a church who looks just like Santa....even with a homemade costume that looks FABULOUS. We even call him "Santa Clyde", but come Christmas, my daughter would scream like we were beating her if we tried to get her picture! :)

When you scrapbook (or blog) these pics, it makes for a good story! :) Sometimes these pics/stories are better than the "my kid sits on Santa's lap perfectly" pics that we get!

The Lane Family said...

The pictures say it all!! Someday I am sure the kids will look back and wonder why they were so afraid. Granted my girls still don't like him and they are 31/2

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