Friday, December 30, 2011


I have skipped my post the past couple weeks because I was busy with Emma and Josh's birthday and then the holiday. Although I am almost done with my 365 project (one more day!) I still plan to keep up this post. I also have plans to change my blog to include more things other than Emma and Josh updates as we get into 2012.


1. They are constantly laughing at one another. They also have what appear to be "inside jokes" The newest joke is that one will say "one....two....grapes!" and throw their hands up in the air. Both then laugh hysterically. I have no idea where this came from.

2. Today is Dan's birthday but when you ask them whose birthday it is, they say "Birfday Jeesus!"


1. He actually went pee on the potty! We have a small frog potty and I try to put them on it before their bath. Josh has been asking for it more and last night, I put him on it and when he got up, he had peed!

UPDATE: Emma went pee on the potty tonight, too. Can't believe it!


1. She is getting a little bossy and likes to say "Emma turn" and "Emma do" a lot lately. We are trying to work on sharing and a lot of times she is good with it. But a lot of times she will do something like take a big bite out of a cookie and then "share" it with Josh!