Thursday, December 1, 2011


I really need to start writing down the things I want to remember because I am constantly amazed and how much Emma and Josh are doing! Of course, when I go to type up my post, I can't think of most of it but I'll try.


1. She now wants to carry around a whole armful of toys in addition to her baby doll. We named them all and she asks for them by name including Eddie the Seahorse and Molly the Dolly. The cutest thing is that I asked her what her actual baby's name was and she said "Bay-be Lu-cy" which is the name of my friend's baby.

2. I gave her a banana for breakfast and she gave me this huge pout. When I asked her what was wrong, she said "No bana. Grapes" She definitely has an opinion now!


1. In the morning, he wants me to let him out of the crib right away. He then runs down the hall, eyes barely open, and heads straight for his breakfast.

2. He likes to put puzzle pieces in the wrong spot and then he says "no" and moves it to the correct spot.

The thing I like best about both of them now is that they are constantly expressing their feelings. They say "funny" "afraid" "cold" and they are using the expressions at the correct time. They laugh and they pout, its just amazing to see how they are becoming their own people. I really love this age!