Friday, December 9, 2011


Its hard to believe in just over a week, Emma and Josh will be two. I can't believe it!


1. They like to say "More" a lot when asking for things. I hear "more waffles" and "more Einsteins" a lot.

2. They do not say "more milk" though. They just hold the cup upside down and say "empty" and then look at me.

3. They are starting to do some counting and recognizing letters. Emma actually counted to 4 the other day and Josh is really good at recognizing letters like "A" "Y" and "J"


1. She loves to get in my makeup drawer when I am getting ready. She pretends to put on powder and brush her hair. And she thinks my mascara is a pen!


1. He finds the cutest things funny. The other day I said to him (after he was climbing onto my table) "please sit down on your butt" and he looked at me and said "butt" and laughed. And then said "butt" again and giggled uncontrollably. So cute!