Friday, January 13, 2012

2 Year Appt

Emma and Josh finally had their two year appointment today. Josh didn't scream as much at first and honestly if Emma had not riled him up, he would have been fine. Emma started screaming the minute we got into the room and only quit when they were done weighing her and then for a few minutes when the doctor came in. Josh played with the doctor's tools when she gave them to him and even let her check him out a little. Im glad the appointment is done and that we get another 6 month break. I can always hope next time will go better! Here are their stats:

Emma: 36 inches (95th percentile) 26lbs (25th-50th percentile)

Josh: 37.5 inches (95th percentile) 27lbs 8 oz (25th-50th percentile)

They each grew an inch or more and and gained a couple pounds. The doctor was happy that they try so many foods and use so many words. She couldn't believe that they both have peed once in the potty and can use 3-5 word sentences sometimes, too.

I am glad its Friday. Oh and remember how I talked about blogging more about me and happiness and stuff other than the kids? Well I didn't forget about that, its coming!


The Lane Family said...

It appears that they have a little bit of height and that they are doing very, very well.

That is is one more of the blessing's and challenges of twins they love to protect each other so if one gets upset they have to get upset as well.