Sunday, January 29, 2012

The organizing continues

I've crossed a few more items off of my ten places to organize. One area I really focused on was all of our cleaning supplies and underneath our bathroom and kitchen sinks. I couldn't believe how disorganized it was! What I did was:

1. Take everything out and put it in one central location
2. I cleaned and wiped down all of the items, they just felt better when any drips of cleaning supplied were wiped away
3. I consolidated items (I swear that I had 4 bottles of open Windex. Seriously? 4 bottles) I also got rid of old items
4. Under the bathroom sinks, I only put a couple items. Like one toilet cleaner, one shower cleaner, one Lysol, etc. I also stored the items in plastic baskets and so that they stay together and don't look messy

5. Under my kitchen sink, I also stored items in plastic baskets and organized them my type (soaps, detergent, cleaning supply)

Overall, I got rid of a ton of items and the areas feels a lot cleaner.

The status of my organization is as follows:

1. Spice cabinet- DONE

2. Sock drawer- DONE

3. Craft stuff- DONE

4. Toiletries

5. My car

6. Toys

7. Kid's clothes- DONE

8. Home inventory- DONE

9. Under sinks- DONE

10. Recipes

In reviewing the list, I have decided that there is not much I can do about the toys right now. The problem is that Emma and Josh really haven't outgrown many of their toys, they have actually just started playing with a lot of things. If I really think about it, the toys are pretty well organized. I use four canvas totes in the family room (one for trucks, one for cars, one for little people stuff, one for books) I use the wood crates for all of the Melissa and Doug toys and we keep those separate. Downstairs, we have two big toy boxes and although I try to keep stuff organized, a lot of times the toys just get dumped into there. But all considered, the toys aren't too bad. So I am going to cross that off my list!

My goals for the next couple days are toiletries, my car and my recipes. I have also been working a lot on organizing me and will be ready to share all of that in a couple days, too.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


championm2000 said...

Wow! You're on a roll! I love it!

Thanks for reminding me of under the sinks ( it's going to be scary!)

I'd love to hear ow you're organizing your recipes.

The Lane Family said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of what you are doing...I LOVE The ideas especially putting the items in plastic totes that is AWESOME!!!!

The quote you shared at the top of your blog is AWESOME and I LOVE it!!!

Thanks for sharing!!