Thursday, January 5, 2012


It was nice to be off from work on Monday because this week seems so short, its already Thursday! Most of the pictures in this post are from New Years Day, which is when we got to celebrate Christmas with my grandma.


1. They love to run away from me when I am trying to dress them. Or comb their hair or teeth. Or change their diaper. Makes for an interesting morning! They also like to take their diaper or clothes with them and then hide them.

2. It amazes me to watch them interact together. They are constantly trying to make one another laugh. And they also soothe each other, too. The other day, Josh had some sniffles and seemed kind of sick so I was holding him and said "Come on, Josh, its ok" When I put him down, Emma put her arm around him and kept saying "Come on Joshie"

3. They both always want what the other has. If Josh is using one of his trucks, Emma will stand behind him and say "Emma turn" and Josh does the same thing.


1. Emma says a lot of words but she doesn't talk as much as Josh. She is more expressive though and she likes to tell you what she is doing. Her new favorite thing is to tell you she is going to cry before she does it. (We hear "cry" a lot...)


1. He is talking so much now. He is up to three words in a row but not necessarily in a sentence. He will say "Outside. Snow. Freezing" I did hear him say "I want more" though, which is a sentence in the correct order.


The Lane Family said...

It is good to know that whether you have twin girls, twin boys or a boy and girl they have the same feelings when it comes to what the other one has.....

I love how Emma lets you know she is going to cry before she cries that is so funny..she just wants you to be prepared.

It sounds like Josh is quite the talker and it is so cut how he made a sentence.

A.E. said...

They are so cute! I always wanted twins.