Thursday, January 12, 2012


Emma and Josh have been a lot whinier this week but also a lot more fun, too. Its a weird thing because when they are whiny, things are just so miserable around our house. (Josh will follow me around and say "Carry me, Mommy" about a million times until I finally give up and carry him and try to make dinner with one hand. During this, Emma is just screaming for no reason. Help) But then there are these moments that are just so cute and so funny, too. So its a trade off, I guess!


1. Before they go to bed, they now require a kiss and a hug. So we place them in their cribs and then I have to go to Josh's crib first and then Emma. I get a big kiss on the lips from each of them and a hug. Just precious.

2. If you ask them "Where is daddy" they will always say one of two things- either "work" or "sleeping" If you ask them "where is mommy" they always say "Zumba"


1. She is borderline obsessed with bodily functions. She toots often and tells you about it. She also likes burping. I try not to laugh so that she will quit doing it but its just so hard when her little face comes close to mine and she says "Emma tooted"


1. If you ask him if it's hot or cold outside, he will say "Nope. Freezing!" He is such a character.


Mary said...

Emma tooted. BWhahahahaha!! Your kids crack me up on the daily! :)

The Lane Family said...

The "whine" is "special" or at least that is one word for it :) For me I have seen it get more and more intense as they have hit 2 and then a lot more when they hit 3..who knows what the magic number 4 will bring :)

Emma and my little girl Avery would be great friends because she too is obsessed with her bodily gross and yet sometimes you have to turn around and laugh!!!