Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Its been a long week here with Emma not feeling good. She is on the mend and no one else is showing signs of being sick so hopefully we can have a relaxing weekend.


1. They are showing a little more interest in the potty so we have been using it more. Emma will go pee on it most of the time, Josh is more interested in sitting. But when I ask them to get up, they always say "Nope, still pooping!"


1. She loves to hop and has started this thing where she has to hop up and down every step she sees. We have a step down from our living room and our family room and when she comes to it, she hops down instead of stepping. Its so cute.


1. He is such a chatterbox. He is up to sentences as long as 7 words and he is constantly talking about what he is doing, what Emma is doing and what Dan and I are doing. Its funny to hear him talk so much!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not So Healthy

Ugh. My focus this month has been Health and although I have made some good strides, I am not making as many as I would like. To top it off, Emma got the flu which started with her having a fever and a high temp. Last night, she vomited twice (all over me both times, of course) So far, its been 24 hours and she seems better and Josh is ok. Anyways, I will update more on Health soon but until now, I leave you with pictures of my poor little sick girl.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Another week almost over! It seems so slow on Monday but buy this time, I can't believe its almost Friday.


1. She is always looking "Look Mama" before she shows me something. "Look mama! Emma eat grapes!" Its so cute


1. He loves trying to get Emma to wrestle with him. If she is sitting down, he will sit close to her and kind of fall over. Sometimes she goes for it and sometimes she screams like crazy. He laughs either way!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Birthdays

Emma and Josh were very excited to find out that we were celebrating my Mom's birthday this weekend. They kept saying "More birfdays!" and then "Cake and ice cream cone." We had a nice time together celebrating my mom's birthday and Emma and Josh really, really enjoyed their cake and ice cream.

Emma and Josh, goofing around on the chairs

They love to kiss and hug

Emma and my grandma
(The dress Emma is wearing used to be mine and my sister's, its over 30 years old!)

Emma giving my grandpa stickers or maybe taking them away!

My dad playing with Emma and Josh

Josh using my dad as his own personal couch

Helping my mom blow out her candles
(actually, I think they blew them all out for her!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hope everyone is having a great more day until the weekend!


Josh hiding in the laundry basket and Emma laughing

1. They are starting to memorize the books that I read to them. If I stop and ask them to finish part of the page, they can do it! Or if I say a wrong word, they will say "noooooo" Their current favorite books are "Brown Bear" "Belly Button Book" and "The Sleepy Little Alphabet"


1. She loves to stand on the stool in the bathroom and wash her hands and brush her teeth. She asks to do it a bunch of times when she is home. I think she really just likes to eat the toothpaste and make bubbles in the sink though!

2. I was singing the other day as I got dinner ready and Emma looked at me and said "No singing Mama"


1. I made the mistake of yelling errr..raising my voice at my food processor the other day. (In my defense, they make it so darn hard to get it unlocked from the base!) Josh won't let me forget about it though. He keeps talking about how "Mommy yells at blender" and when he sees it, he says "Blender broken, mommy yells" Oh boy.

2. The other day Emma was crying about something and Josh looked at her and said "That's enough Emma" So they really do hear everything we say!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Journey to Health

One thing I wanted to do in order to move on my journey in Health was to focus on some of the items I use for health and beauty care. This is important to me because if I am going to focus on what I eat and how I treat my body, I think its also important to focus on smalller ways to make a difference. I ended up buying some new vitamins and skin care items. The items I got are:

1. Fish Oil supplements, Vitamin C and Calcium- I have added all 3 to my vitamin intake. I added these based on articles I read about heart, skin and bone health. All 3 are important to me as I get older.

2. Skin Corrector- The one I got is by Lancome and is called Visionnaire. I wanted to update my skincare items to include something that would smooth my skin and make it look healthier and, well, younger.

3. Eye Cream- I also purchased another Lancome product Progres. As I am getting older, its important for me to make sure that I am changing my skincare to reflect this. I want to make sure I am properly hydrating my skin and focusing on its changing needs. I already like using this cream because I've never had a cream that focused on just my eye area and I already like using this one.

4. Everyday moisturizer- I got the Garnier Ultra Lift. This is an update from my current moisturizer as it has more SPF.

I like having some new items to use as I focus on Health. None of these items are a replacement for healthy diet and working out but I don't think they will hurt either!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My birthday was yesterday and I had a great day. It started off with Zumba and ended with watching the movie "The Help" (It must be really, really hard to adapt a book to a movie. Its rarely done well and this one was no exception. It was ok but not close to being as good as the book)

In the middle of my day, we had a party with my family. It was nice to see them an celebrate my birthday. Emma and Josh enjoyed it too, especially the cake. They asked for it all day!

The "best" picture I could get with me and the kids

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Emma and Josh have been so funny this week. They are constantly interacting and communicating with us, its such a fun experience.


1. They love the bath. Like they beg and beg to go in the bath. This is quite a turnaround from the two infants who used to scream bloody murder when we tried to bathe them. Or the two one year olds who I used to have to get in the tub with. But its changed and now they want to go in every single night for at least 30 minutes.

2. They are learning how to pray. The know how to fold their hands in the praying position and they can repeat short prayers. They also say "Jesus loves me" Its so precious.


1. She is very observant. She tries to match items together or count them. She also likes to tell us when something is out of place by saying "Missing One" or "Something else"


1. He is a major chatterbox. He will sometimes talk the entire time that I bring him home from Dan's parents' house. He will tell me everything he sees, everything he ate, everything he did. He talks so much!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This month, I have decided to focus on Health. I am going to be honest up front though. I am not going to be able to give up pizza or chips. I am not looking to be a size 4. I am still going to have a chocolate chip cookie (or 4) when I want to. My goals, however, are to make some changes in my life that will encourage me to be healthier.

Its funny because I try really hard to instill healthy eating habits into Emma and Josh's every day life. They eat $40 worth of fruits and veggies each week. I don't give them juice because I read an article about sugar and juice (or something like that...) When it comes to my own eating habits, however, I tend to be a lot more well, relaxed. I consider Wheat Thins and a diet Cherry Pepsi to be a suitable lunch. If I look back at the end of many days, I realize that I haven't had a drop of water and maybe ate the end of one of the kids' bananas. Not the picture of health.

I also want to focus on more physical activity. I have gotten a lot better with this by taking Zumba but I want something that I can do almost every day. Since we spent a lot of money on a treadmill several years ago, it made sense to incorporate that into my goals.

When thinking about my Health goals, I focused on small changes but changes that I feel will have a big impact for me.

My Health goals are:

1. Drink 100 oz of water per day

2. Eat one fruit, one veggie and one fruit/veggie smoothie every day

3. Run 500 miles by the end of the year. (I did the math, its 1.5 miles per day. I can do it!)

4. No snacks after 7 pm, except a handful or fruit or veggies

5. Take better care of me by getting new skin, hair and body care items

I have a feeling this is going to be a good month and I am looking forward to it!

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