Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This month, I have decided to focus on Health. I am going to be honest up front though. I am not going to be able to give up pizza or chips. I am not looking to be a size 4. I am still going to have a chocolate chip cookie (or 4) when I want to. My goals, however, are to make some changes in my life that will encourage me to be healthier.

Its funny because I try really hard to instill healthy eating habits into Emma and Josh's every day life. They eat $40 worth of fruits and veggies each week. I don't give them juice because I read an article about sugar and juice (or something like that...) When it comes to my own eating habits, however, I tend to be a lot more well, relaxed. I consider Wheat Thins and a diet Cherry Pepsi to be a suitable lunch. If I look back at the end of many days, I realize that I haven't had a drop of water and maybe ate the end of one of the kids' bananas. Not the picture of health.

I also want to focus on more physical activity. I have gotten a lot better with this by taking Zumba but I want something that I can do almost every day. Since we spent a lot of money on a treadmill several years ago, it made sense to incorporate that into my goals.

When thinking about my Health goals, I focused on small changes but changes that I feel will have a big impact for me.

My Health goals are:

1. Drink 100 oz of water per day

2. Eat one fruit, one veggie and one fruit/veggie smoothie every day

3. Run 500 miles by the end of the year. (I did the math, its 1.5 miles per day. I can do it!)

4. No snacks after 7 pm, except a handful or fruit or veggies

5. Take better care of me by getting new skin, hair and body care items

I have a feeling this is going to be a good month and I am looking forward to it!


championm2000 said...

Great goals for the month! I can relate to them all.

Quite selfishly, I am eager to hear how you work in the running (since I am hoping to start training this month for a 5K).

I'll be cheering you on!

Thanks for linking up :-)