Monday, February 6, 2012

Journey to Health

One thing I wanted to do in order to move on my journey in Health was to focus on some of the items I use for health and beauty care. This is important to me because if I am going to focus on what I eat and how I treat my body, I think its also important to focus on smalller ways to make a difference. I ended up buying some new vitamins and skin care items. The items I got are:

1. Fish Oil supplements, Vitamin C and Calcium- I have added all 3 to my vitamin intake. I added these based on articles I read about heart, skin and bone health. All 3 are important to me as I get older.

2. Skin Corrector- The one I got is by Lancome and is called Visionnaire. I wanted to update my skincare items to include something that would smooth my skin and make it look healthier and, well, younger.

3. Eye Cream- I also purchased another Lancome product Progres. As I am getting older, its important for me to make sure that I am changing my skincare to reflect this. I want to make sure I am properly hydrating my skin and focusing on its changing needs. I already like using this cream because I've never had a cream that focused on just my eye area and I already like using this one.

4. Everyday moisturizer- I got the Garnier Ultra Lift. This is an update from my current moisturizer as it has more SPF.

I like having some new items to use as I focus on Health. None of these items are a replacement for healthy diet and working out but I don't think they will hurt either!


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