Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Birthdays

Emma and Josh were very excited to find out that we were celebrating my Mom's birthday this weekend. They kept saying "More birfdays!" and then "Cake and ice cream cone." We had a nice time together celebrating my mom's birthday and Emma and Josh really, really enjoyed their cake and ice cream.

Emma and Josh, goofing around on the chairs

They love to kiss and hug

Emma and my grandma
(The dress Emma is wearing used to be mine and my sister's, its over 30 years old!)

Emma giving my grandpa stickers or maybe taking them away!

My dad playing with Emma and Josh

Josh using my dad as his own personal couch

Helping my mom blow out her candles
(actually, I think they blew them all out for her!)


Shanny said...

More birthdays! I love it =)

Their hugging picture is totally awesome!!!!