Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hope everyone is having a great more day until the weekend!


Josh hiding in the laundry basket and Emma laughing

1. They are starting to memorize the books that I read to them. If I stop and ask them to finish part of the page, they can do it! Or if I say a wrong word, they will say "noooooo" Their current favorite books are "Brown Bear" "Belly Button Book" and "The Sleepy Little Alphabet"


1. She loves to stand on the stool in the bathroom and wash her hands and brush her teeth. She asks to do it a bunch of times when she is home. I think she really just likes to eat the toothpaste and make bubbles in the sink though!

2. I was singing the other day as I got dinner ready and Emma looked at me and said "No singing Mama"


1. I made the mistake of yelling errr..raising my voice at my food processor the other day. (In my defense, they make it so darn hard to get it unlocked from the base!) Josh won't let me forget about it though. He keeps talking about how "Mommy yells at blender" and when he sees it, he says "Blender broken, mommy yells" Oh boy.

2. The other day Emma was crying about something and Josh looked at her and said "That's enough Emma" So they really do hear everything we say!


mtendere said...

Isn't it fascinating what they pick up from us?

The Lane Family said...

I have to say that Emma looks so Grown-up in the pictures!!

It is amazing how much they pick from us and then how they quickly repeat it!!