Thursday, February 23, 2012


Its been a long week here with Emma not feeling good. She is on the mend and no one else is showing signs of being sick so hopefully we can have a relaxing weekend.


1. They are showing a little more interest in the potty so we have been using it more. Emma will go pee on it most of the time, Josh is more interested in sitting. But when I ask them to get up, they always say "Nope, still pooping!"


1. She loves to hop and has started this thing where she has to hop up and down every step she sees. We have a step down from our living room and our family room and when she comes to it, she hops down instead of stepping. Its so cute.


1. He is such a chatterbox. He is up to sentences as long as 7 words and he is constantly talking about what he is doing, what Emma is doing and what Dan and I are doing. Its funny to hear him talk so much!



The Lane Family said...

It sounds like they are just becoming more and more talkative and it is funny that one is the more of the talker!!

I hope Emma continues to get better and no one else gets the bug!!