Thursday, March 1, 2012

Second Wrap Up: Health

I am still working on my 12 in 2012 project and this month was Health. The first month I worked on Organization and totally rocked it! I completed all my goals and my house felt lighter and more in order because of it.

I had really good intentions with Health but only fully met two of my goals: Taking vitamins/supplements and buying new skin care items. (And let me tell you, my skin feels smoother and softer already so I am happy I stuck with that one!)

There are three items I had trouble keeping:

1. Drinking 100 oz water per day
2. Stay on track to run 500 miles this year
3. No eating after 7

Hmmm...what is my excuse? I would like to pull the "Busy Working Mom" card here. I've just been too tired and too overwhelmed this month to grab my water bottle, get up early and run and not grab a handful of crackers after the kids go to bed. Is this an excuse? You betcha. Do I still want to work on these things? Absolutely.

I am also realistic and don't want to beat myself up too much. I don't want to set goals for myself and then beat myself up if I don't reach them every single time. I realize that it might not be possible for me to drink 100 oz of water each day. Sometimes I am on the road for work the entire day and lets face it. There are not always enough clean public restrooms for a girl to use! But I still want to try to focus on this goal.

I think its great that my next focus is Motivation. Part of my focus will be motivating myself to work on some of these goals that I have set for myself and didn't complete. So stay tuned...


Samantha said...

I definitely think the "busy mom" card applies here. You have two toddlers, sometimes it's hard to take on much more than that. I'm glad that you hit some of your goals this month and that you're still working on the other ones. Good Luck!

The Lane Family said...

The "busy mom" card can be used....but I also agree that you can never beat yourself up over not doing everything exactly as you would have liked..instead take it a moment at a time and enjoy the accomplishments along the way!!!

championm2000 said...

I didn't do as well in February either. I am convinced the trick is to just keep trying!

I can so relate to the water-bathroom issue. I drive A LOT for work and it is certainly not compatible with lots of water!