Thursday, March 1, 2012


This has been a long week. Josh had a couple nights where he decided he was not interested in sleeping which meant that I also had to give it up. I am still trying to catch up and am exhausted!


1. Before they go to bed, we read them a few books. Dan takes them to their room to pick them out and they have this game where he asks them if they want to read one of the books and they say "nope" while laughing. He has to go through all of the books (and we have a ton!) and they have to say "no" to every single one until we can pick one out.


1. She still sucks her thumb and I have started to tell her "Big girls don't suck their thumbs." She now tells me, "Big girls no suck mama" and holds out her thumb....and then promptly puts it in her mouth.


1. He thinks everything is funny and even seems to tell jokes to Emma. The other day he was saying "Joshie is Wolfie....Joshie is Dottie....Joshie is Oso!" (all characters on the Disney Show "Special Agent Oso" When he would get to the last one, he would bust out laughing and Emma would laugh, too. So funny!


The Lane Family said...

They are just growing up!!! Emma's hair is so cute and is getting longer and longer!!

I love how they joke around and it does seem that Josh is the family jokester.