Thursday, March 8, 2012



1. Bambi was on TV last weekend and we let them watch it. They loved it! We had to rent it from the library because they were asking for it all the time.

2. They had the cutest argument the other day. I asked Emma "What color is a dump truck" and she said "Pink." Josh heard and said "NO! Yellow!" and Emma replied back "Pink." They are so funny.

3. If you ask them their full name, Josh will say "Joshie Robert Groves" And Emma? Of course she says "Emma Robert Groves"


1. She went poop on the potty! And I missed it! I never go anywhere at night but happened to go out on Monday for my Twin Mom Club's meeting. She did it that night, what a big girl!


1. He likes to sing songs, especially the ones from his "Truck Tunes" video. He gets a lot of the words right and I can normally figure out what song he is singing.