Thursday, March 15, 2012


Long week over here. Work is nuts, Emma has some kind of eye infection and now Josh has a fever. Is it Friday yet?


1. We have started using a "Calm down" technique with Emma and Josh (I will blog more on it later, its working great!) The other day, they were playing in the family room and I was checking email in the office. I could hear them playing and before I knew it, they were yelling over something. I then heard Josh say to Emma "Go calm down!" and she proceeded to run down the hall to the nursery. When I asked where she was going, she said "Calming down"

2. They begged us for a full apple the other night and we gave it to them. They each ate the entire apple down to the core!


1. When she woke up the other day, she told me "Emma has poop in her diaper." When I changed her, there was not a poop so I told her so. She looked at me very seriously and said "Oh, no poop? Just farts." I laughed for a few minutes straight.


1. He has an attachment to a new pajama top that I got for him. The top has a bulldozer on it and he asks to wear it all day and all night. He also asks to wear a pair of Emma's fleece pants...that are pink. He really likes to sleep in them!


The Lane Family said...

I just had to laugh!!! The things they think of and how they interact with their world and each other....

I hope they get feeling better and are healthy for the weekend!!!