Thursday, March 22, 2012


As Josh and Emma are getting older, the biggest thing that I don't want to forget is how much they love one another. I know that at this time, its inevitable. They are each others' only playmate and they are together 24 hours a day. But their bond is one that I hope continues as they get older. Some things that they do together are:

1. They are always asking about one another. "Where Emma?!" "What Joshie doing?"

2. They bring each other toys, cups and food. And sometimes, they even share. This morning, Emma gave Josh a handful of grapes because he wanted some.

3. They hold hands, hug and kiss. It melts my heart every time

4. They play games together and laugh at things that sometimes even I can't figure out. They love to play what they call "Mouse Hole" To do this, one stands with their legs apart and the other crawls through and they laugh. I caught some pictures of it:

Setting up the "Mouse Hole"

Emma going through

And then the laughing!

I know their relationship will constantly change and evolve over time but I hope that the foundation they have now is one that they always hold onto.