Thursday, March 29, 2012



1. They have started tattling on one another. I hear a lot of "Emma told me that..." or "Josh is doing this..." I am guessing this is only the beginning of many years of tattling!


1. She loves my makeup drawer. She tries to get it in as often as she can and then pretends to put it on. Her favorites are mascara and the lotion.


1. He loves to ask "Mama, what this?" When we read a book now, he stops me a bunch of times to ask me questions. If I ask him one though and he doesn't know, he will say "Joshie does not know" and then he'll say "but mama, what this?"


The Lane Family said...

I have to say that in these photo's Emma and Josh look SOOOO grown-up. Yes, I must say that based on my experience with twins yes the tattling is just starting :)

The makeup story makes me smile because it sounds so familiar with since Miss Avery also LOVES getting into my make-up!!