Friday, April 27, 2012

And so it begins...The Fashion Edition

You know how Emma is 2? Well she already has a strong opinion when it comes to fashion.  This picture is what she looked like when she left the house yesterday.
Yep.  She accessorized with a scarf (It was 60 degrees yesterday...) and my winter head band thing.   She was adamant that she must wear these items.  And she did until I would imagine Dan's mom got her to remove them.

Today, she told me that she wanted to wear a dress.  After vetoing about 6, she picked a spaghetti strap sundress (and of course today, it was about 45 degrees and freezing) and threw a fit when I gently reminded her that it was cold out.  She then selected leggings and a cardigan, looked at herself once in the mirror and announced "I look pretty."

We might need to start getting her up 10 minutes early to pick out her outfit.  I didn't think this started to early!


Kismet21 said...

My daughter decided she needed to wear winter leggings, a tutu, a surfer girl shirt, a hooded jacket, and high heels today. (It's 85 outside)

We have not left the house :)