Thursday, April 19, 2012



1. We have started leaving them in the church daycare and they are getting better but both cling to us before we leave. By the time we come back to get them, Emma seems to have settled in and this week, I found her coloring with some of the kids. Josh, on the other hand, was anxiously pacing around and looking at the door. When he saw us, he burst out crying and asked to go home. Interestingly enough, by the time we got to the parking lot, they both said "We love church, had fun!"

2. The other day when I picked them up for Dan's parents' house, I thought they smelled like onions. I found out that was because they picked a green onion out of the garden...and ate it.


1. The other day, I told her I was going to tell her a secret. I put my face close to her ear and said "I love you." She then said, "I have a secret, mama." She proceeded to tell me "Elephants have long nose like this" and put her arm out like a trunk.


1. He is very expressive and has been telling me "I miss you today, mama" or "I love you, Emma." He also can give me 4 or 5 sentences to talk about his day and I can normally figure out pretty easily what he did. (although he didn't tell me he yanked an onion out of the garden and ate it!)


Krisy said...

haha, the Emma secret story made me laugh. aren't they just the funniest with what the have to say!