Thursday, April 26, 2012



1. They have become really expressive this week.  They either love it ("mama, I love this book!") or they hate it ("NO WANT THIS FOOD!")

2. It is basically impossible to change their diaper or dress them.  Somehow, both of them are faster than us so they run and run (while screaming "Got diaper, no put clothes on me) while we pathetically chase after them and try to get them ready. Fun times, fun times.


1. She always wants me to kiss her between the slats of her crib before she goes to bed.  She will put her little lips up to the edge and say "Kisses mama!" and after I give her a kiss, she quickly moves to another area and sticks her lips through and says "Now here, more kisses."  Its really precious.

1.  He has recently started answering 50% of my questions with either "Poopy," "Butt" or the ever popular "Poopy Butt."   Oh yes, very charming.  I try to keep a straight and stern face when he does it but sometimes, I can't help myself and laugh.   Such a boy!