Friday, April 13, 2012

Toddler Hoarders and The Five

I am concerned that if the show "Hoarders" puts together a segment focusing on Toddlers, they might show up at our house first. Emma and Josh both have no less than 20 items in each of their cribs. I honestly don't know how they sleep in there!

Seeing all the clutter in the cribs reminded me of the first month in my 12 in 2012 project where I focused on Organization. I actually made a lot of headway during the month but as the months have went on, I find that I am still struggling with finding time to keep everything organized.

While I was off of work, I came up with an idea so I wanted to share it. I call it "The Five." Once a day (sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, just depends) I pick 5 things that I need to do. For example, my 5 this morning were:

1. Put away dishes (5 minutes)
2. Mail a rebate form (1 minute)
3. Run the vacuum throughout house (7 minutes)
4. Write this blog post (10 minutes)
5. Return pile of library books on the way to my appointments (3 minutes)

For me, the biggest struggles are that I never have enough time to get everything done and even when I get things done, I still feel discouraged. Why? Because there is still a mountain of things to get done! But by doing "The 5" I have been able to prioritize what needs to done. Dishes that are a mile high and if I put one more on the pile it will tumble down? Yes, you need to be put away. Dirty high chair that needs to be wiped down? Um, haven't seen an ant crawling around it and the kids will just get it dirty again so, yep, you can wait. I have also started to feel a sense of accomplishment when "The 5" is done because I set out to do something and I'll be darned, I did it!

I just wanted to share this because I know that whether you work or are at home, keeping up with all of the tasks of the day is a constant struggle.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


The Lane Family said...

Shannon I LOVED This post and I love the 5 idea!! I find that I focus on things that do not matter at times and get nothing done...but picking five that really matter is AWESOME!!

I also have to say I LOVE the crib kids still take a million things to bed with them :)

championm2000 said...

Do they put all the things in their crib? The reason I ask is my two are obsessive about having to have all of their stuff in the crib with them and then they are equally obsessive about having to take it all out when we get them out. Weirdest thing. Just wondering if it's typical toddler behavior.

Love the 5! Will try it and let you know how it goes. It kind of reminds me of how I keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs. I drop things in it that need to go up, and anytime one of us goes up, we take something with us. Small but really helpful!