Thursday, May 3, 2012


Another fun week with the kids.

Both: 1. Emma and Josh never got into using pacifiers. Until this past week. They found one and fought over it. I then had to dig out some of the ones they never used and it turned into a pacifier obsession. Luckily, "the babies" came to get the pacifiers from our house last weekend and all seems to be okay again.


1. If I am away from her for awhile she will run up to me and say "My mommy, my mommy!" She also has been telling me "I need you, mommy." Oh how sweet!


1. He continues to be very expressive but has changed his requests to "Don't bother Joshie" or "Don't touch me, mama." He is such a character!


The Lane Family said...

I LOVE Their SHOES those are AWESOME!!!! That is very funny about the pacifiers and it is GREAT that the Babies came and got them before they really fell in love with them. I love how sweet Miss Emma is about missing you and it so funny that Josh is busy saying "Don't funny"!!!