Thursday, May 10, 2012


Emma and Josh have been so much fun this week. They are constantly saying new things and coming up with funny stories!


1. They have been playing with a flashlight and love to search our house for ghosts and bats.  And no, we don't live in a house with ghosts or bats but they are always searching for them.


1. He has been a bit more difficult to put to sleep and he has had problems staying in his crib. The other night when I put him to bed, I said "I am not coming back in here, its time for bed." and he said "I know, Mommy relaxing!"

Playing with the water table

Enjoying popcorn for the first time


1. She loves to sing but prefers to scream the songs.  Her newest favorite is a song from Doc McStuffins on Disney.  She has been screaming "I feel better, so much better. NOW!" 

Emma loved her popcorn

Emma kept sticking her head in the water table