Thursday, May 17, 2012


I just realized that Emma and Josh are 29 months old month until they are 2 1/2.  Wow, time flies!


1. She has been cheering herself on lately.  When she is running after bubbles or trying to do something quickly, she will say "Go Emma, Go Emma!"  It is hysterical.

2. She is so funny.  The other day she told me "I'm going to bite you tiny" and when I told her "We don't bite" she put her mouth on my arm and barely put her teeth on it and said "See? tiny bite"


 1. He is getting over strep throat, we found out he had it last week.  It took me a couple days to figure it out because he kept telling me his tooth hurt.  When I finally asked him to point, he pointed to his throat and I checked it.  I took him in right away because it was so red and had white spots.

2.  He asks me to drive around after I pick them up so that we can look for trucks.  He also remembers if we saw a truck in a certain place the day before.  He will tell me "Excavator there yesterday, mama.  But not today!"


The Lane Family said...

My mom once said that the older you get the faster time goes and I have especially seen that to be true being a mom!!

I know it is not funny but Emma's "tiny bite" made me smile...because it sounds kind of familiar!!

I also LOVE how Josh likes to drive around and knows where he has saw certain things!!

One more thing Emma's girls are CUTE!!!