Thursday, May 24, 2012


In lieu of a TIDWTF this week, I am writing so I can remember something that I would actually like to forget.  (Does that even make sense? Probably not.  Because I have a 103 degree fever)

Oh yes.   There is something just as bad as two sick toddlers.  Two sick parents.  Sick at the same time.  Parents that can barely move due to high fevers, body aches and sore throats.  We are going on day 3 of this illness and it is THE WORST. I have been managing to get some work done because I have a job that I can easily get behind in if I am not there.  But Dan has barely left the house since Monday.  Neither of us have eaten more than once a day due to the throat pain.  We basically did "rock, paper, scissors" to see who would go get milk last night since our poor kids were begging for it and we ran out of milk on the day we both got sick.

I pray that tomorrow is better.  And that Emma and Josh gave us this sickness and don't get it from us.

Sickness has invaded, HELP US!


The Lane Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! Emma's face I have a feeling says it all...I am with you it is bad enough when the kids are sick but when you add two parents it is NOT fun!!

I hope everyone is feeling better by the weekend is feeling better...fingers crossed!!