Thursday, May 31, 2012


We had a nice week at our house. Sickness is gone and the kids seem to be in better moods, which has made things a lot easier around here.


1. They talk to each other a lot but most of the times, they argue back and forth. Things like "I did that" and the other will say "NO, I did that" (most of the time, neither of them did it but whatever) The funniest argument this week was about how to pronounce the word "Banana."

Josh: "Its Bee-nana"
Emma: "No, its Ba-na-na"
Josh: "No, its Bahhh-naaa-naaa"

They both proceeded to laugh hysterically and say "Bahhhh-naaa-naaa" over and over.


1. She is really into playing doctor courtesy of her new idol, Doc Mcstuffins on Disney. She carries around a doctor bag, crammed with all of her doctor tools (which is mostly play food and Little People toys) and checks out all of her toys. Its so precious.
Emma playing her beanbag toss game

Emma McStuffins

1.  He repeats a lot of what we say.  This week, he has been saying "Oh, I got a good idea" all the time.
The boy loves, loves trucks


championm2000 said...

So much sweetness to capture and treasure!

Your two remind me so much of mine--Emily has recently discovered Doc McStuffins and Drew is all about TRUCKS!

terri said...

You can't beat little girls having a doctor as a role model. Hope that doesn't change!