Monday, May 28, 2012

We Scream for Ice Cream

We took Emma and Josh to get ice cream the other night. We had a long day so we just went through the McDonald's Drive Thru. Last summer, I held a cone for Emma and Josh and they shared one. I wrongly assumed that they would share this year. I was sitting in the back middle seat of the van and when Dan passed the two cones back, Emma and Josh promptly grabbed the cones from my hand and started eating! I got a couple licks of each of the cones but for the most part, they finished them up. They kept saying "mmmm, this is gooood!"

Ice cream fiends

Being silly

Josh with ice cream on his tongue

Josh smiling

Emma makes the silliest faces

She loved that ice cream!


The Lane Family said...

SOOOO CUte!! I remember when Aidan, Kaylee and Avery ALL decided that they needed to have their own ice cream cones and will allow us to occasionally help lick the ice cream if it is melting to fast :) Other than that it is all about hearing them saying yummy and good!!!