Monday, June 11, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

We took Emma and Josh to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky overnight and had a great time. It was really exhausting but the kids liked it so it was worth it!
Josh loved this tree and figured out how to plug a hole in it to make water squirt everywhere

Eating some food in our room

Josh's funny smile

Emma sitting like a big girl

Josh in his pack n play (when he was sleeping, he slept most of the time in there.)

Emma spent most of the night with me in one of the beds.  Most of the night wasn't as cozy as this

So, so, so cute

With Dan

Sweet Emma

Giving hugs

Checking out the water park early in the morning.  They kept saying "There are no kids yet!"

Emma kept telling me "Look mama, he has ice cream on his head!"

Serious Josh



Outside the Lodge

Emma with a totem pole

It looks like we are trying to do "O H I O" but we weren't...

They loved the zero entry pool because they could stand throughout the entire pool

Josh loved the fountains

Emma loved them, too!

Josh trying to plug up the fountain

When we asked them if they would sleep in the car on the way home, they both kept saying "I don't think so!" but Emma fell asleep right as we got on the highway and Josh was shortly after.   I am already looking forward to the next time we visit!


Nela Lucey said...

That looks like so much fun!