Thursday, June 28, 2012

TIDWTFT: The Emma v. Josh version

I know when people have twins, they talk a lot about treating each child like an individual and not as one unit. I have learned that this might be more applicable to same sex twins or even identical twins, where it would be pretty easy to group them together or compare them. This does not seem to be the case with Emma and Josh.  Although they do have similar physical features, they are pretty night and day when it comes to a lot of other things:


Emma:  She loves food.  She is always telling me "I am hungry, mama!"  If I tell her I am going to give her a couple crackers, she gets mad and tells me "I want a lot of crackers."

Josh: He could take it or leave it when it comes to food.  And a lot of the time? He leaves it.  Like just won't eat dinner.  Dan begged him to eat 3 spoonfuls of mashed potatoes tonight.  Also? He doesn't like pizza.  (I know.  I think its strange, too)


Emma: She loves to sleep. (Probably because she is in a food coma most of the time.) She lays down, grabs her baby doll, puts her thumb in her mouth and falls asleep.

Josh:  He could also take it or leave it when it comes to sleep.  He does eventually quiet down at night and go to bed but the second I walk in the nursery in the morning, he jumps up and says "I'm coming out!"


Emma:  She is wild and likes to be chased, kick soccer balls and run around.

Josh:  He also likes to run around but if we are playing ball in the front yard, he will tire of it quickly and prefers to dig in a big mound of dirt.

Those are some of the big ways they are different.  No matter how different they are though, they are always still such buddies.   I love seeing them interact with one another, it makes my day!