Thursday, June 7, 2012


Another week! This week, I have a bunch of photos that show just how silly and crazy Emma and Josh can be.  I am going to make the photos themselves be the TIDWTFT.


Jumping off our chair (she's a crazy jumper)

Resting before her next jump

Showing me what a fish looks like

2. Josh
Running down the hall yelling "the ghost is coming!"
Trying to pull Dan's sock off his foot
Josh's jump off our chair


1. They have started telling me "Mama, we love you every single day" 

2. When I get them home, they both start yelling "my turn, my turn" because they want me to take them out of the car first.
My two jumpers

They actually took their pants off because its "better to dance with no pants" (duh)


The Lane Family said...

So cute how they both say they want to be first out of the car and that they love you!!

The pictures of them jumping are ADORABLE!!!